The Grove School

The Grove School’s mission is to provide a unique learning environment consistent with Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision for secondary age students. Students will be encouraged to reach their full potentials as self-directed individuals within the framework of a Montessori educational system. More…

A Montessori Approach to Young Adulthood

Grove provides an intelligent and positive approach to learning by creating an effective learning environment for 12-18 year olds.

The social conditions of our day “fail to protect the principal energy on which the future depends: human energy, the power of the individual personality” (Maria Montessori). The Grove School seeks to address this lack with a program that promotes independence and the construction of the authentic self.

The Farm – For 12-15 Year Olds

The farm provides the optimal environment for learning about the challenges of life, the importance of individual responsibility and the need to appreciate the hard work of others. Students build a solid work ethic and find relevance for current and future academic work.

The High School – Preparation for University and Adult Life

The high school provides 15-18 year old students with a place for study and work where academic rigor meets hands on learning. Students learn to set and accomplish goals while they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in the dialogue of cultural literacy.