Mission, Vision, Values

The Grove School is a public Montessori community that guides adolescents in their work of self-construction, as they become engaged and respectful world citizens.

The Grove School relies on the framework for adolescent education defined by Maria Montessori. At the core of her vision is the expectation that students will “pass from one stage of independence to a higher [one], by means of their own activity, through their own effort or will.” The Grove School’s unique, rich, safe, challenging, relevant and comprehensive program is valued as a vital part of Redlands heritage and legacy. All members of our community model respect and clear communication in order to foster collaboration and cooperation.

Grove’s student-centered model allows students to practice the principle of freedom with responsibility. Montessori’s vision of Erdkinder underlies our program, providing a prepared farm environment for students to engage in purposeful and meaningful work that helps lead them towards independence through real-life challenges. This work has to engage the hands, they need to be active, moving, be physically involved. At the same time, they need to be engaging their intellect in the same task, to plan what their activity is, to analyze the best way to carry it out, to test it, use trial and error to work towards mastery.  At the high school level, students in Grove classrooms will work with skilled and dedicated teachers who use project-based instruction, frequent group work, and real-life application of concepts to prepare students for the challenges of university education. Grove teaching is based on intrinsic motivation; providing a rigorous curriculum with high expectations for individual achievement.

A Grove student will be the architect of her own future; learning from peers and teachers how to live an authentic life beyond perceived boundaries.

We Value:

  • Creation of curious, observant, flexible, confident, courageous and independent citizens
  • Contributions to community through internships
  • Community Partnerships
  • Adults modeling responsible, optimistic adulthood where everyone pursues work with passion
  • Efforts to make the world a better place than when we entered it
  • Prepared environments that allow students to learn and appreciate stewardship of the natural world
  • A community that respects all members as agents for change and promoters of peace
  • Post-secondary education

Please feel free to contact us with questions (909) 798 – 7831.

Our address is:
The Grove School
200 Nevada Street
Redlands, CA 92373

FAX: (909) 307-6464

School Accountability Report Card – SARC 2014

The Grove School Charter – Grove Charter 2014

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