Faculty and Staff

Grove is proud of its faculty and staff which includes Montessori Oriented professionals who have committed themselves to pursuing cutting edge educational reform methods.


Head of School – Benedict Moudry

High School Coordinator- Amy Nottingham

Program Coordinator – Andrew Christopherson

Counselor – Anke Pilz

Admissions/Registrar – Beth Hauso

Accounting/Human Resources Manager – Connie Brown

Middle School Coordinator – Melanie Knypstra

Technology – Runisha Fultz

Attendance– Sandy Longman


Amy Nottingham – High School (Visual Arts/Yearbook)

Andrew Christopherson – High School (Government & Economic)

Andrew Murphy – Barton School House (Social Science)

Beth Elliott-Hora – Middle School (Drama, Social Studies, Theater Director)

Bill Feld – Middle School (Metal Shop)

Candace Kostiuk – High School (Special Education)

Charlene Williams – Barton School House (M.S. ASB Advisor, Science)

Debbie Royer – High School (Algebra I, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Statistics)

Eric Vadala – (PE/Health)

Esther Mendoza – Middle School (Choir(s), String Orchestra)

Jessica Escamilla – Kitchen (Sous Chef)

Laura Hettinger – Middle School (Music)

Lindsey Schmitz – High School (English)

Mark Woodson – Kitchen (Head Chef, Occupations)

Melanie Knypstra – Barton School House (English)

Michele Lieux – High School (Chemistry/Physics)

Peter Drinkwine – Middle School (Farm Facilities, Woodshop)

Reynisha Ballinger (Rainey) – Middle School (English 7-8)

Robert Gregory – High School (Spanish I-III, Cross Country Coach)

Samah Mustafa – Barton School House (Algebra I, Algebra II, Math)

Suzie Tolksdorf – Middle School (Agricultural, FFA, Farm Coordinator)

Tina O’Brien – High School (Biology, Environmental Science, APES, APBio, Senior Project Coordinator)