Mission Statement

The Grove School’s mission is to provide a unique learning environment consistent with Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision for secondary age students. Students will be encouraged to reach their full potentials as self-directed individuals within the framework of a Montessori educational system. Drawing on Montessori theory and practice, the secondary program will provide the students with two crucial components: an environment that fosters self-responsibility through an individualized curriculum; and core course work that ensures each student’s ability to master individual and state competency goals. The Montessori-trained students of the School will be trained to initiate, plan and complete projects using critical thinking skills and obtained knowledge, and be able to reflect on and evaluate the outcomes of these projects. These skills will enable them to become lifelong learners and community leaders.

Model of the ‘Educated Person’ in the 21st Century

The Grove School believes that an educated person in the 21st century is a well balanced individual. This man or woman is both scholar and athlete, citizen and community member and possesses the motivation, confidence and ability to set and achieve goals.

  • As a scholar, each individual should be proficient in social studies, mathematics, science, languages and the arts. Because educated individuals are members not only of a local community but a global society, they should be proficient in at least one other language in addition to English.
  • As an athlete, each individual should be able to pursue appropriate physical challenges and hold knowledge of the fundamentals of safety and good health.
  • As a citizen, he or she must understand the framework of our constitutional democracy and the rights and responsibilities of each citizen in the democratic process, as well as important political issues.
  • As a community member, an educated person is able to collaborate with others, cooperate on projects, and knows how to provide meaningful service to others.
  • Finally, as a member of an increasingly technical and information-based world, she or he is a competent user of technology.

The Grove School seeks to assist all of its students become well educated according to these criteria by providing developmentally appropriate activities and challenges for each student to experience and master. In accordance with Montessori theory, we will endeavor to provide learning environments where students may freely choose to engage in activities appropriate to their intrinsic motivation to learn. These experiences will encourage and promote the gaining of skills and competencies, confidence and knowledge, that will enable students to master the outcomes listed above.