Grove combines a small school setting with opportunities for individuals to explore and excel in the world outside of the school community.

Pedagogy of Place

The Montessori Educational syllabus suggests the need for:
“A place-based approach to learning, including a sense of belonging and responsibility for the place in which the community does its work.”(North American Montessori Teachers Association 2012).

Based on Montessori theory and practice, the Grove School local families a unique educational option within the Redlands Unified School District. As a public school, Grove does not charge tuition and accepts students who are seeking a Montessori learning environment.

The curriculum offered by Grove provides students with crucial components to develop a successful approach to education:

  • Real and meaningful intellectual and physical work
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurial leadership
  • Science studies that focus on the connections between the natural and human built world.
  • Community and international studies based on the cohesion and cooperation of groups.
  • History of humanity in relation to life’s purpose
  • Physical self expression
  • Artistic self expression
  • Character development

ArtThrough active participation in civic and community projects, both on and off the Grove school campus, students learn by taking part in cooperative projects, trips and travel and entrepreneurial activities. They earn university-approved credit toward graduation and college entrance. Community service, internships, sports and membership in leadership organizations, all help provide opportunities that encourage young adults to become productive citizens in our democracy.